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Enable secure connectivity for mobile and IoT networking

Advizex delivers Aruba mobile first networking products which allow organizations to gracefully transition their existing networks to a software-defined enterprise. These products support legacy systems while enabling new features and functionality to be worked in, helping to transform their digital environment.

Networking Products

Smarter solutions for experience-driven networking.


Wireless access you can always count on.

Aruba wireless solutions deliver the flexibility and high performance to meet the needs of any midsize business or high-density enterprise. With built-in AI-intelligence, location services, and seamless roaming users and IT receive an optimal experience. With flexible and high-performance wireless, Aruba meets the need of any midsize or high-density enterprise.


Wired networking that’s a whole lot smarter.

You need performance and scale for today’s cloud-based applications and bandwidth hungry devices. Aruba’s next generation access and aggregation switches provide the high-speed infrastructure and backbone for moving traffic intelligently from the edge to the core.


Mobility Controllers for next-gen networks.

Aruba Mobility Controllers offer centralized network engineering, IP services, security and policy controls, and app-aware platforms. In addition to network control, they can be deployed as branch gateways, VPN concentrators, WIPS/WIDS and spectrum monitors, and stateful network firewalls with integrated content filtering.


Improve visibility and control with SD-WAN.

Simplify WAN routing and reduce costs with Aruba Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN), managed by Aruba Central. With increased visibility and control over Internet traffic, it’s ideal for distributed enterprises looking to integrate SD-WAN management within an existing infrastructure.


Understand your network with insights you can trust.

NetInsight automatically baselines your network to identify performance and connectivity patterns – even ones that support multiple locations, remote offices, and indoor and outdoor applications.

Enterprise Network Security

An end-to-end security solution.

Device Visibility, Control and Attack Response for the Enterprise

From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce, organizations face increasingly complex IT infrastructures from campus to branches that are more exposed to attacks than ever before.

Advizex delivers Aruba technology solutions that provide a seamless path from device and user discovery, wired and wireless access control, attack detection and adaptive response – based on set policies.

Why Advizex Networks with Aruba?

Visibility Icon
Visibility. Control. Response.

Malicious insiders and IoT-based attacks continue to grow, bypassing your perimeter security defenses. Reduce the risks and vulnerabilities to your enterprise networks.

Certified Secure Icon
Certified secure.

Cyberattacks have become increasingly intelligent, targeted and more frequent. Aruba’s enterprise security is the best defense for both wired and wireless networks.

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Know what’s on your multi-vendor network and when.

Automated fingerprinting, profiling of endpoints and continuous observation provide extended control of the devices and users connecting to your network.

Secure Guest Icon
Secure guest, BYOD, and corporate devices access.

Securely connect devices to a network – without compromising security. Rely on tools to simplify connectivity, onboarding, and endpoint configuration.